Whois is a directory service for managing and searching for user addresses in databases on the Internet. The Whois command is used on the Internet to direct requests for an email address, a domain name or a person to the database of Network Information Center (NIC) or a subordinate institution. At the request which domain is registered within a zone are working with distributed Whois. Reference is made to the Whois of the competent authority for the domain registrar.

Manage Whois Server user addresses on the Internet. They are just as widespread as CSO server. A list of whois servers can be accessed using anonymous FTP (AFTP) of “whois.internic.net”.

Whois is an older directory service. It dates from 1985 and is described in RFC 954. The description format of Whois, the Routing Policy Specification Language (RPSL) is described in RFC 2622. Whois alternatives to the registrar for domains that Network Information Center (NIC), and especially in Germany DENIC.

This can be done either through the Savings Bank, and through the payment system Webmoney, Qiwi terminal and a number of options. Here I want to draw vninanie that if you disburse the cost of the host for a year, then the domain zone .ru get for free as a bonus, you will need to fill just after passport data (this is mandatory when registering your first domain and confirm them by fax or also in electronic form in the account panel) go to the tab bonuses and activate it.

After that you need to bind registered domain to testsaytu or activate the domain for the new project.

Then in the “Select a free domain for binding” prescribe registered domain name (in my case it lediseo.ru), and in the “Select a site you want to assign domain” – indicates either the primary site (test (for me it was nataliy .tmweb.ru)), or else when you create a second site will be set by a new domain and click on the “Bind domain”.

Where it is clear that the primary site has two names. And indeed for both them, you can open a project, but I’m looking for a little so I otlinkuyu (delete) a test domain nataliy.tmweb.ru, by clicking on the link against him “Otlinkovat domain”.

Domain Name Registration

That’s probably dealt with the domain. The truth is I want to note that when you create a second, third or fourth project in the tab “File Manager” in addition to the root folder or public_html htpdocs, in different hosts is called differently, automatically will appear Folder directory, called the new project. So register a domain lediseo.ru I had a folder lediseo.ru, which will be located in the folder public_html or htpdocs. Here it is in it and will be the root directory of the project, and where it will be necessary to download all the files of the engine.

WordPress transfer to the host.

Creating «Seo notes desperate” I first tested on all lokalke and even began to write articles, but when it came time to display the project on the host, then decided to first bring just the engine.

To do this, I needed to create a database on your account at the host. So first I went to the tab “Databases MySQL»